Posted August 30, 2017 in Monthly News

What's Your Strategy?

Most of the time when we establish a strategy to do something, we don’t think of it as a “strategy.” Once established, a strategy becomes automatic, disappearing from consciousness and residing only in the “unconscious” part of our minds. Humans aren’t the only creatures that use strategies, of course. The basic strategy for everything that […]

Posted August 31, 2015 in Monthly News


Most everyone is aware of the changes humans are undergoing related to technology. In 1990, I had a bag phone that would most likely not meet the space or weight requirements for carry-on luggage today. Two major motivations moved me to that phone—an expected first grandchild, and being on the road at night all over […]

Posted June 14, 2014 in Monthly News

Joel: July 2014

Adventures in Learning

I have always been interested in learning new things. As I reflect on my life, the desire for knowing more has been a constant theme. When I was young, I used a flashlight to read books under the covers. I was one of those kids who would take things apart to see […]