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Visit from Lora

Sacred Stories

Her professional colleague and friend, Lora, had recently passed.

Lora got my attention in a big way this morning! I had just walked into my office and was standing inside the doorway talking to the person across the hall from me, when I suddenly heard and felt something drop by my feet. I thought I dropped something I was carrying but it turns out that one of the angel figurines I have on a high shelf fell off the shelf and on to the floor in front of me –right by my feet. There was no way for it to fall – no one was close to the shelf.

I knew immediately it was Lora. A message followed:

“Please give this angel to my angel of a sister who was one of those that cared for me so unconditionally. Everyone needs to know that I am an angel that is present and helping all of you. I picked this angel to depict me because of the pink flowers on the apron and in the basket. I am absolutely wonderful in my spiritual state without a body – and I am so grateful for all of you that I shared life with when I was in body. My dad helped me when I died and he said that’s why he had to go first. We both love you all so much.

Pay attention when you see things out of place in your homes – that is me letting you know I’m still around. Pay attention to butterflies when you are outside – that is another way I will let you know that I’m present. Also, tell Jim and Caroline they should get a hummingbird feeder because it will be a reminder of the joy and sweetness of life – something I am helping you find again at a level much deeper than you’ve ever felt before.

Grieve but do it with gratitude and joy. Grieve but know that I am still with you – only my body is gone. Grieve but also be hopeful and excited about the future. Grieve and trust the process – you have all the help you need – including help from me. I am one of your angels and so is my dad.

All is well. God is good. I love you all.”

These are sacred stories. What does this all mean to you? Do you have as story to share? Send email to

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