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Sacred Stories

He was driving down the interstate when he saw a tornado approaching. He pulled under an overpass, jumped out of his vehicle, and scrambled up under the overpass.

A man was there, seated on a blanket.

As debris began to swirl, and the roar became deafening, the man sat calmly.

The devastation of mere minutes was horrific: vehicles turned over, people injured, his own truck totally twisted into an unrecognizable mass of rubble. Emergency crews were there already, an he saw them searching through the rubble of his vehicle for him.

He called out, “I am up here with this other fellow!”

Then he turned to look.

No man. No blanket.

He believes an angel was sent to be with him during the ordeal.

These are sacred stories. What does this all mean to you? Do you have as story to share? Send email to

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