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Taking Medications

This audio file by Debra provides tips for taking medications.

Helping People Heal: Tips for Taking Medications

Being “health conscious” and getting into a healing crisis that results in the need to take medications, can actually increase the tendency of an individual to be resistant, possibly even holding a false belief of being a traitor to the values of natural healing and health. Resistance lowers the immune system and can amplify or cause negative side effects. You will be able to hear clues for resistance in the language, such as, “I hate taking medications,” or “I know this is not good for me,” or “I wish I did not have to take this.”

The unconscious mind takes things literally, so encourage a better way to think about it.

Holding the medication in your hand, bringing it to your heart, and expressing gratitude for all of the benefits can reduce or, in some cases eliminate, harmful side effects. The ritual is akin to asking grace—blessing food. You are moving the body into a state of positive expectancy.

Simple linguistic patterns can help people heal more quickly, and become healthier in body, mind, and spirit. It is vital to remind the person he or she is consciously choosing to do what will allow him or her to be healthier on all levels—physical, emotional and mental, and spiritual. Encourage paying attention to thoughts and language, and replacing any resistance with gratitude and a genuine sense of freedom and personal power by making healthy choices.

This affirmation can be repeated, written out, and/or adapted:

Although, under other circumstance, I would not ordinarily choose to take medication, I am grateful something that can help me is available. In the same way that a cast is useful for a time, the meds are something I am doing for myself right now.

Every day, I am so thankful that I am getting better. I think about all the benefits. I can actually feel the gift going into my body and entering my blood stream. Just like when I am thirsty and I drink water, I can feel the relief.

I feel myself gaining strength, health, and well-being. In fact, it is just like asking grace over my food. Everything that comes into me with genuine appreciation brings only health and well-being. I am so fortunate to know the truth about all of this now.

It is an exciting time to be alive.

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