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Tick Time

Debra’s Wellness Tips

Every year this time I write a tip about ticks. I am a big fan of nature, and there are some things you can do to make sure you have a safe and happy time outdoors.

Summing things up, ticks carry diseases. Best to wear long pants, tuck in your shirt, […]

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Joints Popping

Debra’s Wellness Tips

Have you ever stood up after sitting for a while and had your joints pop? Studies now conclude the poppings may be irritating but they’re typically normal. (See Medline Plus)

When I was a kid, every time I straightened my arm out completely, my elbow popped. I made a bit of […]

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Incredible Eggs!

Debra’s Wellness Tips

Whether you are celebrating Easter as a religious holiday or a secular opportunity to enjoy time with friends and family, no wellness tip posted on Easter would be complete without mention of eggs!

I am not talking about those sugary, sickening sweet, mallow eggs, nor the chocolate and caramel Cadbury variety, I […]

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Whole Grains

Debra’s Wellness Tips

A study found that people who ate whole grains burned off more calories at rest than those who did not.

For the study, researchers recorded the weight, metabolic rate, blood glucose, fecal calories, hunger and fullness for 81 participants over an eight week period. After an initial period of two weeks […]

Posted October 1, 2016 in Sacred Stories

Found It!

Sacred Stories

When her brother passed unexpectedly, she went to the cemetery to offer prayers. Her children were meeting her there. She got some flowers and picked up some small stones to bring to the grave. The office gave her a map to find the section, but she had no idea where the specific grave […]

Posted September 3, 2016 in Sacred Stories

Miss Ellie

Sacred Stories

They had just attended their 49th consecutive annual family reunion. It was the first one ever attended without their mother.

As they were driving home, a vehicle towing a boat passed them. The name of the boat was Miss Ellie.

Miss Ellie was the term of endearment their sister-in-law used […]

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Pattern of Eating

Debra’s Wellness Tips

Although experts don’t yet agree on how much fat we should be consuming, most agree all fats are not created equal. We do well eating a high ratio of unsaturated to saturated fats, with sources of unsaturated fats including olive and canola oils, nuts, seeds, and avocados.

Those words were not what […]

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Sacred Stories

It was the first roof-top wedding at the resort. The day was sunny and warm. The guests were gathered, waiting for the sunset ceremony. A bee buzzed around. The groom said, “It’s been here all afternoon.”

While reading these words, “Although physical bodies pass away, Love is eternal. We recognize and welcome all […]

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Sacred Stories

End-over-end ‘rattling’ came from the dryer. She assumed her husband had left a coin in his pocket.

She opened the door: the dryer held only one pair of athletic shorts and two tee-shirts. Nothing with buttons or zippers or snaps to make the noise. She fished the items around, but found no […]