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Times of Change

Wholesome Thoughts

Our brains are wired to first scan for danger, and it is easy to trigger the amygdala and the primitive response of fear. Jack Kornfield says it is not hard to stoke fears in a time of change.

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Wholesome Thoughts

Do you say grace over your food? Whether you bow your head and pray formally, or not, Rabbi Herschel reminds us that by saying grace, we are releasing the Divine sparks in our food.

Remember that at your next meal. Be blessed… formally or informally.

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Spiritual Maturity

Wholesome Thoughts

In Whatever Arises, Love That, Matt Kahn wrote, “The true benchmark of spiritual maturity is how often your words and actions are aligned with love.”

Each of us came in to this life to experience that level of spiritual maturity. Do you need to share this with someone today?

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