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Opportunities for Renewal

Wholesome Thoughts

Reading from The More We Find In Each Other, by Merle and Mavis Fossum, “Where there is enough soil to hold a seed, there is the possibility of a tree someday. The universe seizes opportunities for renewal that slip through the slightest opening. There is always hope for renewal….”

If this resonates, send […]

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Al Dente

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Al dente describes pasta cooked to be firm to the bite. The word is Italian and “to the tooth” is the literal meaning.

Julie Upton, nutrition pro, writes in “You’re Eating Pasta Wrong” pasta eaten the Italian way has a lower glycemic index.

The average GI of al dente penne pasta […]

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Tickets for “Wrong” Date

Sacred Stories

When their tickets for the upcoming cruise arrived, the tickets were dated two weeks earlier than arranged. She was about to phone the company to have them changed when her husband calmly said, “Leave them. Perhaps there is a reason this is a better date.”

The Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia capsized and […]

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Times of Change

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Our brains are wired to first scan for danger, and it is easy to trigger the amygdala and the primitive response of fear. Jack Kornfield says it is not hard to stoke fears in a time of change.

If you are curious how EFT, NLP, and SCS can help you stay calm […]

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If you can’t see it, you most likely will struggle to be it. The “IT” might be healthier or happier or even more committed to your own well-being. Research indicates you will have more success if you take some time and write down specifics about your goals.

I did an internet search […]

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Chaplain Saved!

Sacred Stories

He was serving in Vietnam as a Chaplain. Each week he would travel from the base to villages where they had men serving. He would do a service and offer sacraments.

On a Monday morning as he was walking out of his hooch he heard a voice say, “Go today instead of tomorrow,” […]

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In Each Moment

Wholesome Thoughts

Susanna Weiss, in Dharma of Dogs, writes, “In each moment of life we are creating who we are.”

If you would like a companion along the way, send email to, or from within the continental U.S. phone or text (269) 921-2217.

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Get a Group!

Debra’s Wellness Tips

Out with the old, in with the new…. If you are like millions of others the New Year is a time for making positive health changes. If you are truly sincere, the first step to your success just might be to get a group.

“For most people, it’s difficult to stay consistent […]

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Things Will Get Better

Sacred Stories

These were very dark times as she was recovering from alcoholism. It was not that she wanted to drink—but neither did she want to live.

She had rolled up towels to put around the doors and windows and intended to turn on the gas and end her pain.

She heard a […]

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Inward Compassion

Wholesome Thoughts

Kelly McGonigal says our brains are wired to be critical of ourselves and compassionate towards others because they are instinctively driven to seek acceptance from a group. The trick is learning to turn our natural compassion inward as well as outward.

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