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I Lived in This House

Sacred Stories

A young man was out in the yard when an elder German man stopped. “I used to live in this house,” the old man said, before going on to add when he had lived in the house it was on another lot—over by the church.

He would love to see inside.

The old […]

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Golfing with Papa

Sacred Stories

She was golfing with her grandson about 9 months after her husband transitioned. His papa had taught him to golf, starting around the age of 10. He loved it, both the game and spending time with Papa.

She was sitting in the cart watching her grandson tee off and imploring her husband […]

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No Flood!

Sacred Stories

They were very anxious. The water bill for their winter home in Florida was about $500.

He must have forgotten to turn the water off.

A neighbor was going to check. They worried what damage might have been done to their home knowing all of that water had to go somewhere. […]

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Heaven is Beautiful

Sacred Stories

Although they had both read Peter Baldwin Panagore’s Heaven is Beautiful: How Dying Taught Me That Death Is Just the Beginning her mom passed without determining a vehicle for after-life communication. Her mom’s body had just been removed from the house. A bit numb, family members were all sitting in the living when […]

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Frogs and Fairies

Sacred Stories

They were out on a walk. She was telling him a story she had heard in a talk about Edgar Cayce’s teachings (Fairies, Angels, and Unseen Forces). Some children were on a walk in the woods and reported seeing a fairy. A couple of the adults were able to see it, too, but […]

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Men’s Mission

Sacred Stories

He had only been out of prison 32 days. A family member was driving him to a Men’s Mission in another county. Not knowing if the Mission would accept him because he had no proof he had been in that county for 30 days, emotions on the drive were tense. He had not […]

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Sacred Stories

The Comcast technician was hooking up internet at their new home. She mentioned having lived in their previous home for 40 years.

“Where was that?” he asked, seemingly just small talk.

“On Lincoln Avenue. Just south of Glenlord Road. Did you ever notice the Johnny on the Spot Window Cleaning vans […]

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White Doves

Sacred Stories

She was trying desperately to get to see her grandmother before she passed. On the highway she drove into a flock of white doves. She felt profound peace and she had the thought that her grandmother had passed.

And she had….

These are sacred stories. Pay attention to happenings in your […]

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Sacred Stories

Her dad loved playing the guitar and he had always encouraged her to learn to play. She was not at all drawn to it.

When her dad passed, he left the guitar to her.

A few months later, she felt compelled to pick the guitar up. She felt so close to […]

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May 20

Sacred Stories

It was not the one they thought they wanted, but she called the number on the “For Sale” sign in the front window as her husband walked around the outside of the manufactured home. The man who answered the phone said he could be there in about ten minutes.

“This was my […]