Posted October 15, 2017 in Debra’s Wellness Tips

No Hype in Hypnosis

Debra’s Wellness Tips

Hypnosis isn’t the exception. It’s the rule. ~Richard Bandler

Western thought has long valued the rational over the intuitive and the conscious over the sub-, un- or other-than-conscious. Even if you are aware of the power of hypnosis to help you overcome limitations and develop new skills and behavioral strategies […]

Posted October 30, 2016 in Debra’s Wellness Tips

Not a Rehearsal

Debra’s Wellness Tips

Something about what Dale Partridge has written goes right to the core. Life is too short to waste even one moment, much less a day, week, month, or years. I was pondering the truth of this, when a fun webpage titled “Develop a Can Do Attitude” caught my attention. It ties […]

Posted April 6, 2016 in Wholesome Thoughts

No Reason

Wholesome Thoughts

“You know what? Certain people think they will feel good if certain things happen The trick is: you have to feel good for no reason.” Richard Bandler said that.

What allows you to decide to feel good for no reason? Will you share with me what helps you?

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