Posted October 15, 2017 in Debra’s Wellness Tips

No Hype in Hypnosis

Debra’s Wellness Tips

Hypnosis isn’t the exception. It’s the rule. ~Richard Bandler

Western thought has long valued the rational over the intuitive and the conscious over the sub-, un- or other-than-conscious. Even if you are aware of the power of hypnosis to help you overcome limitations and develop new skills and behavioral strategies […]

Posted December 18, 2016 in Debra’s Wellness Tips


Debra’s Wellness Tips

The facet of meditative awareness (Dorothy Ann Coyne’s BRFWA) we will focus on this week is the how the body is always able to feel. We can in the present moment mentally do a body scan, sweeping our awareness from head to feet and back again. Just noticing any tension, noting any […]