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Times of Change

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Our brains are wired to first scan for danger, and it is easy to trigger the amygdala and the primitive response of fear. Jack Kornfield says it is not hard to stoke fears in a time of change.

If you are curious how EFT, NLP, and SCS can help you stay calm […]

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Not a Rehearsal

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Something about what Dale Partridge has written goes right to the core. Life is too short to waste even one moment, much less a day, week, month, or years. I was pondering the truth of this, when a fun webpage titled “Develop a Can Do Attitude” caught my attention. It ties […]

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Light Work

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“Within light work holds the heaviest lifting by taking responsibility for the greatest good.” The late Jeff Schoener, NLP teacher, said that, and he was right.

When we encounter cruelty, light work calls forth kindness. When we encounter ignorance, light work calls forth wisdom. RIP, Jeff, your teachings continue to illuminate our […]

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Thankful for Balance

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Holidays can be extra stressful when family members come together and eat (or drink) too much, get too little sleep, and trigger old habit patterns buried deeply within our culture.

Take a look at a few previously published hints for handling emotions well:

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