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Serbian Mass

Sacred Stories

Attending Mass in Serbia was a dream. The homily began, soon turning her dream into disappointment. The Mass was being given in Serbian, a language she did not know. Why had she not realized this would be the case? She grew more and more distressed.

Then she prayed, “Lord, you worked a […]

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Sacred Stories

February 8 she received an email message requesting a session. When would she be back in town? She was not due back until early April.

March 22 she sent a response: “Hi. Wondering if you want to set up your appointment for soon after I get home.”

The reply popped in right […]

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Sacred Stories

She was intending to drive to the UPS store after her doctor’s appointment, but she needed to return directly home to ice packs. Halfway home on her country road, she said out loud, “Sure would be convenient if a UPS truck was in the neighborhood to take my package.”

A UPS truck rounded […]

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Candy Striper

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Her son was two-and-a-half. Friends had come to swim. Just before dinner, she bathed her son and was bathing her daughters when her husband screamed her name. Her son had been pulled from the pool unconscious!

Water poured from every orifice in his body. She rode in the ambulance, praying.

At […]

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Casey was a bit of a handful. She was one of those dogs who refused to stay in her own yard. For weeks now, Casey would disappear every afternoon. Her owner had no idea where she was, but Casey would come back home by dinnertime.

Quite the surprise, one day Casey stayed home […]

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Sacred Stories

On Sunday evening he was visiting friends to play dominoes. Addressing the wife, he said, “I need you to do some of your Mojo. We need to find a rental for next season.”

She told him he did not need her Mojo, he just needed to use his own. He was to […]