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Hatfield-McCoy Feud

Debra’s Wellness Tips

Laughter heals us. It is one of our heart’s songs. E.E. Cummings said the most wasted day is a day without laughter.

We know this to be true. We actually know lots of good things but the key is to make it a habit to do what is wholesome. We need […]

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Debra’s Wellness Tips

Everything from getting a pet to taking a yoga class, from breathing deeply to walking in nature, and from eating foods rich in Omega-3s to avoiding caffeine has been associated with better health and well-being.

Nothing may be better for you though, than getting your giggle on!

Your laughing can lower […]

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Spontaneous Laughter

Debra’s Wellness Tips

You may already be a big fan of laughter, but if you need a bit more convincing of why laughter is the best medicine, according to science we laugh so we can survive.

Even in children who are deaf or blind, spontaneous laughter emerges in the first few months of life. […]