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Stanley Steemer

Sacred Stories

The carpet cleaning company her husband had called days ago had still not returned his call. They needed to get the carpet in the house they just purchased before moving stuff in from their current home to get it staged. Expressing her angst, the man they purchased the new home from told her […]

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Dental Floss

Sacred Stories

Sunday was the first night she spent in her new home. Awake Monday at 3:30 am her mind went to all the unpacking still needing to be done. She got up and quietly worked in the master bathroom as her husband slept in the adjacent bedroom. Sorting the significant assortment of sample-sized dental […]

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Sacred Stories

He was walking on the local pier with some friends.

St. Joseph North Pier Lights in St. Joseph Michigan 707855

Several guys, slightly older than he and his friends, jumped off the pier into the water. One started going down! Others were calling out that they could not swim.

His friends […]