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Change Your Mind

Wholesome Thoughts

You can change your mind at any moment about how something is affecting you. Neale Donald Walsch said that, and it is vital.

Take time to acknowledge, accept, allow, and ascend.

Many things make this possible. To share some that work for you, send email to, or from within the […]

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Wholesome Thoughts

Carl Rogers says the curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.

This is because accepting myself creates a safe, open, space. Like flowers, we thrive in good conditions.

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Incredible Eggs!

Debra’s Wellness Tips

Whether you are celebrating Easter as a religious holiday or a secular opportunity to enjoy time with friends and family, no wellness tip posted on Easter would be complete without mention of eggs!

I am not talking about those sugary, sickening sweet, mallow eggs, nor the chocolate and caramel Cadbury variety, I […]

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Wholesome Thoughts

Victoria Billings said constant togetherness is fine –but only for Siamese twins.

Key for healthy relating is togetherness and space, just like the rest in music and the comma in a sentence.

If you find relationships challenging, send email to, or from within the continental U.S. phone or text (269) 921-2217. […]

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Wholesome Thoughts

You do not die if you fall in the water.

You die only if you do not swim.

It is important to do what helps us “make it” in life. Sometimes that is as simple as swimming….

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Bee Aware

Sacred Stories

She was cleaning the house and had the doors open. Many bees came in the house. She says, “I love bees and I caught each one and took it back outside. As the day went on I was outside and suddenly got stung by a bee inside my shirt. At first I was […]