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Sacred Stories

She took some time to clean out the inbox filled with hundreds of email messages. As she emptied the inbox into the trash she remembered a message she had seen about how the view of ourselves at age 16 can carry into adulthood. She had not taken time to read it, but was […]

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Yoga Space

Sacred Stories

Looking through some journal entries from a few years ago, she came across this one:

I want to create a space for yoga. It has good light and good energy.

She had given conscious thought to that entry since she wrote those words toward the end of 2013 or early in […]

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Sacred Stories

As she woke up that morning, she was dreaming of ants. She was sitting on the sofa, and scads of ants were crawling all over.

She was trying to scoop them up, and place them out-of-doors safely, but there was an endless amount.

A few moments later, in the kitchen preparing her […]

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October 7

Sacred Stories

Her husband had passed over 20 years prior. When she passed shortly before midnight on Sunday, October 4, the family was not thinking about his birthday coming up in a few days.

As the schedule for visitation, funeral, and burial unfolded, none of them were consciously aware of the significance: Her burial took […]

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Debra’s friend arrived to pick her up. Her friend had hiccups.

“I’ve had them all morning,” her friend complained.

Debra said, “Did you read my wellness tip this morning? It is about curing hiccups!”

“I did not have time to read email this morning. What does your wellness tip say about getting rid […]

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It is easier to ignore things that only happen once or twice, but when you have a pattern of meaningful coincidences, you can appreciate the way all of life comes together.

They had not been in contact for nearly 15 years when an email message came in expressing gratitude and suggesting a get-together. (See blog […]

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Daily Om

As she sat at the keyboard writing an upcoming newsletter article about not comparing yourself to others, the Daily Om popped in with that exact subject! Notice your own thinking about coincidences. When you notice how often things like this happen, it does confirm that we are part of a larger picture, doesn’t it….