Posted July 1, 2017 in Sacred Stories

Visit from Lora

Sacred Stories

Her professional colleague and friend, Lora, had recently passed.

Lora got my attention in a big way this morning! I had just walked into my office and was standing inside the doorway talking to the person across the hall from me, when I suddenly heard and felt something drop by my feet. […]

Posted May 20, 2017 in Sacred Stories

Candy Striper

Sacred Stories

Her son was two-and-a-half. Friends had come to swim. Just before dinner, she bathed her son and was bathing her daughters when her husband screamed her name. Her son had been pulled from the pool unconscious!

Water poured from every orifice in his body. She rode in the ambulance, praying.

At […]

Posted December 24, 2016 in Sacred Stories

Somebody Hit My Car!

Sacred Stories

It was Christmas day. She drove her new car to her parents’ home. As she parked near the barn, she said, “I don’t want to park here and have somebody hit my new car.”

She moved the car across the street next to the house, but that did not feel right, so […]

Posted May 9, 2015 in Sacred Stories

There's An Angel for Everything

She had recently relocated to Florida, and her son and family had already moved there, too. Her adult daughter so wanted to come join the family, but she was having a challenge finding an appropriate rental home (within her budget and one that would take pets!).

After weeks of searching, on a particularly […]