Human Energy Field: Meridians

The meridians are for the human energy system what arteries and veins are to the bloodstream. Acupuncture and acupressure are based on the meridian system and the flow of energy, usually called ki, Qi, or chi, throughout the meridian system. While acu-puncture points are located on the surface of the skin, meridians travel deep into the body and “communicate” with vital organs.

The flow of energy along the meridians affects every organ and all the systems of the body, including the nervous system and the immune system. It influences both our moods and health. Twelve of the meridians are actually part of one major energy pathway that runs throughout the body, surfacing 12 times. Each segment is named for the primary organ or system that it serves. Two additional energy pathways, the governing and central meridians, are thought to allow energy to enter and exit the body. The energy flow along the meridians is thought to be bidirectional, with yin energy (feminine, nurturing, receiving) energy flowing in an upward direction (correlate yin with in), and yang energy (masculine, giving) flowing in a downward direction.

An imbalance in any one of the 14 major meridians may result in predictable emotions that interfere with effective communication. Repeated instances of shame and failure, for example, may indicate an imbalance in the central meridian. Hatred, jealousy, or an inability to forgive could be associated with a compromised flow of energy in the heart meridian.

The following images are taken from an SCS training manual, “Healing with Energy”: