Healing with Energy

Every known culture has developed forms of energy medicine, and while the metaphors and techniques understandably differ from culture to culture, many of the metaphors and techniques are remarkably similar. The first and most central commonality among differing systems is the presupposition that the Universe and everything in it is composed of energy, that matter—including the human body—is an expression of the universal energy. This idea is shared by the ancient Chinese, Indians, Egyptians, and Greeks as well as shamans from a wide variety of New and Old World cultures.

Regardless of the system, the commonalities of energy work include some form of scanning or assessing the human energy field for strength, blockages, and flow. All include techniques designed to improve strength, eliminate blockages, and improve flow.

Please enjoy and share this Intro to Healing Touch Video provided by Healing Touch Program. The video display is very small, but the message is huge. The process of certification is described at the Healing Touch Program website, but it is important to know that you do not have to be certified to share healing with energy.

All systems, including allopathic therapies (both physical and psychological) take advantage of the placebo effect, whether they acknowledge it or not. The positive expectation—the faith—of both the client and the therapist is a common element in all successful healing.

Many established techniques are designed to modulate or enhance the energy available to specific organs or chakras. Others, typically referred to as polarity techniques, are designed to promote the flow of energy between two locations, such as the liver and spleen, the hips, the hips and ankles, the shoulders, the shoulders and the hips, or two chakras.

Most formal systems of training (including Reiki, Therapeutic Touch™, and Healing Touch™) usually teach specific techniques with a prescribed order of holds and movements because the technique has demonstrated its efficacy when used by numbers of people over time. Because a technique has worked for others, however, does not mean that it is the only way to accomplish a specific purpose. Nor does it mean that it will be the best way for a specific individual to accomplish that purpose.

You will be able to learn the techniques as others have used them, but, at the same time, you will go on to develop your sensitivity to the feedback you receive from the Energy itself, and you will let the Energy become your principal teacher. It is essentially true in all of life that as you give you receive, but because you will be using an altered state, you will receive benefit from doing energy work.

Language of The Human Energy Field

The principal components of the human energy field—the aura, the chakras, and the meridians—are part of a single system, and are metaphorical in nature. If you were to look at a chart of the chakras, and compare it to a chart of major nerve centers, you would see that they are different cultures looking at the same thing.

The aura—the larger energetic field that surrounds and penetrates the physical body—may be expanded, contracted, or “cleaned.” Established techniques designed to work with the aura include fluffing (to expand and remove debris), unruffling and magnetic unruffling or clearing (to remove debris), and spiral meditation (to open the aura for deep work).

The chakras—energy vortexes associated with the physical body’s major organs and nerve plexuses—may be balanced, connected, expanded, contracted, spun (clockwise or counterclockwise), or cleared. Established techniques designed to work with the chakras include the chakra connection (to connect and balance the chakras), chakra spin (to reshape the chakras and remove debris), and chakra spread (to open the chakras).

The meridians—channels for distributing energy throughout the body—need to be open to distribute energy throughout the body, so most meridian based techniques are designed to eliminate block­ages and to promote the flow of energy. Established techniques designed to work with the meridians include acupuncture, acupressure, flushing, reverse flushing, and meridian massage.

When you think about the components of the human energy field, think about it this way: what influences one, will influence the others. Because the physical body is part of the energy field, what influences the human energy field will also influence the physical body. In the same way that the trunk and the branches and the leaves are all part of the tree, the information system of your body is interrelated.

Healing with Energy as Self-Care

Although energy techniques can be done on another, one of the wonderful benefits of learning about energy is the therapeutic benefit of using them for self-care. The worksheet providing directions for using Healing Touch™ as self-care, is now available in two forms, the standard (Self Full Body Connection), and with new language incorporating the Lord’s Prayer for those who wish to draw on the resources of the Christian religion (Self Full Body with Our Father). Both worksheets provide the directions for use and illustrate the hand positions for balancing your Human Energy Field and inducing a state of relaxed well-being. A CD or audio download is also available (see SCS Products for more information).

The handout, Basic Energy Techniques covers the Self Full Body Connection, Chakra Connection, and Full Body Connection. Download for your own use and for sharing with others.