Subtle Communication Systems

Subtle Communication Systems (SCS) was born from the passions of Debra Basham and Joel P. Bowman. Although our personal mission statements were written before we met in 1999, it is as though our souls were moving toward our meeting and working together for eons. As we discovered the way through (sometimes over, sometimes under, and sometimes around) our inter- and intra-personal dillemas, our own awareness of these subtle communication systems birthed SCS Matters, LLC. These subtle communication systems include all the subtleties exchanged between individuals and the environment, including nonverbal signs and signals, paralinguistic elements, hypnotic language patterns, and the energy.

SCS is a comprehensive program for change, healing, and well-being— focusing on the relationship among the human energy field, language, and subjective experience. SCS is for all those who wish to have a better understanding of their thoughts, feelings, and relationships, and for those who wish to be more successful in facilitating change in others.

An example of how your expanding awareness makes a world of difference to you and to others in your world can be clearly seen in the illustration of the Drama Triangle, Cognitive Triangle, and the Transrational Pyramid. This excerpt is from Healing with Language: Your Key to Effective Mind-Body Communication: You may also see the table of contents and/or purchase your copy at It is so true that when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!

SCS combines a variety of healing modalities, such as Healing Touch™ and Reiki, with linguistics, including the techniques of Neurolinguistic Programming, guided imagery, and Ericksonian hypnosis. Energy work promotes change by influencing patterns of energy that lead to health of illness, including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Linguistics promotes change by understanding and influencing the ways we use language to code our experience and give it meaning.

Every experience involves what we see, what we hear, what we think about the experience, and what we feel—both the emotion and the body sensations. Change in general, and healing in particular, require awareness of the way we think, our conditioned emotional responses, and our bodily sensations. SCS uses a holistic approach to address the needs of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual components of beliefs and behaviors, memories and habits, and attitudes and awareness.

Patterns in both thinking and in the energy field may have resulted in an individual’s feeling “stuck.” Because much of what we experience had remained beneath the level of conscious awareness, SCS is designed to allow an individual to become more aware of the process and to change the pattern, whether though energy or language or the combination, so that you can experience more desirable results.