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Spirits and Mindfulness

Debra’s Wellness Tips

Mindfulness is showing up as a viable suggestion for health benefit related to everything from hypertension to pain relief. Now we are seeing evidence that even a brief formal training in mindfulness could lower alcohol consumption in those who drink.

Lead author Sunjeev Kamboj, a reader and deputy director in UCL’s Clinical Psychopharmacology Unit, says that practicing mindfulness can make a person more aware of their tendency to respond reflexively to urges. “By being more aware of their cravings, we think the study participants were able to bring intention back into the equation, instead of automatically reaching for the drink when they feel a craving,” he says. (Time: How a Short Meditation Can Help People Drink Less)

If you are new to mindfulness many resources are available online. A simple form of urge-control training is to take a sip of water into your mouth, notice the urge to swallow, wait for the urge to subside before swallowing.

This week, make mindfulness a way of life by informal or formal practice. Make the true spirit of the season be mindfulness!

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