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Serbian Mass

Sacred Stories

Attending Mass in Serbia was a dream. The homily began, soon turning her dream into disappointment. The Mass was being given in Serbian, a language she did not know. Why had she not realized this would be the case? She grew more and more distressed.

Then she prayed, “Lord, you worked a miracle with language in the first Pentecost, letting each understand what was spoken in his or her own language. You know my heart. I want to hear this holy message. Please work a miracle for me today.”

It felt as though a switch had flipped. She grabbed her journal and began to take copious notes. She felt she knew what was being said, but was that just her imagination?

At the end of the service she showed the notes to their tour guide and asked, “Is this what the priest was saying?”

“Word for word. I did not know you spoke Serbian,” he responded.

“I don’t…” she breathed.

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