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This page is intended to provide easy access to a variety of files that you will find interesting and/or useful. The files are all in PDF format and require the Adobe Reader to open them. Adobe Reader is a free download from Adobe.

In some cases the links will take you directly to the file for downloading, and in other cases, the link will take you to a folder with a list of files.

  • Basic Energy Techniques. The handout, “Three Basic Energy Techniques for Full-body Healing,” covers the Self Full Body Connection, Chakra Connection, and Full Body Connection.

  • Facilitating Childbirth. Using hypnosis for pain management during labor and childbirth is not new. In 1955 the British Medical Association approved hypnotherapy as a valid medical treatment and an effective form of pain management during childbirth. The American Medical Association approved hypnotherapy in 1958. While going through pregnancy, labor, and delivery is one of the most natural experiences a woman can have, you can use SCS/NLP guided imagery/hypnosis to support your process in many ways–physical, emotional and mental, and spiritual.

    Research indicates that with proper use of guided imagery hypnosis, such as that in the SCS program, you can experience shorter labor, reduce the need for pain medication, and have a statistically reduced incidence of surgical delivery, including Caesarian delivery and use of forceps. Additionally, at birth your baby is likely to have higher Apgar scores, which are the measurement of your baby’s well-being.

  • Newly revised, the worksheet providing directions for using Healing Touch™ as self-care, is now available in two forms, the standard (Self Full Body Connection), and with new language incorporating the Lord’s Prayer for those who wish to draw on the resources of the Christian religion (Self Full Body with Our Father). Both worksheets provide the directions for use and illustrate the hand positions for balancing your Human Energy Field and inducing a state of relaxed well-being. A CD is also available (see SCS Products and Services for more information).