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Sacred Stories

She took some time to clean out the inbox filled with hundreds of email messages. As she emptied the inbox into the trash she remembered a message she had seen about how the view of ourselves at age 16 can carry into adulthood. She had not taken time to read it, but was interested, so she began searching through the trash. She could not find it.

The following morning, the article arrived from the same friend she had thought she received it from the day before.

She sent an email message to her friend, “I ‘think’ you sent this yesterday. When I cleaned out my inbox, I lost it before reading it. Now it is here today. Did you really send it yesterday and today?”

“I sent it only today. It was online this morning….” was the reply.

These are sacred stories. Pay attention to happenings in your life. Do you have a story to share? Send email to

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