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Pigeon Pose

Debra’s Wellness Tips

Have you noticed how popular yoga has become? Yoga is always in the media. Just a few recent articles extolling the benefits:

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How to Do Pigeon Pose to Stretch Tight Hips

Pigeon pose is amazing for runners, cyclists or anyone with tight hips, but many people simply don’t understand proper alignment and find all kinds of ways to compromise their knees.

Simple padding with a yoga block, pillow or rolled up towel and a few placement tweaks of the knees and ankles can make this pose the restorative wonder it is supposed to be, rather than something to be dreaded and endured with clenched teeth and a tight jaw.

Well, as a cyclist with very tight hips, I can assure you even with a block, pillow, and lots of breathing my pigeon pose will not look like this. But that is OK.

Yoga is not the only place where people have held themselves to unreasonable external standards. But yoga teaches an important truth: to get the benefits, do what is right for you right now. You do not have to look like the pictures.

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