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Pauline Court

Sacred Stories

She had kept the interfaith menorah with the tall glass oil lamps in her basement for 12 years. Made especially for them by a Carmelite nun, it was a very powerful presence for their interfaith fellowship but the center where their group met had closed in 2005. Downsizing her home now there was no place to store it. She was so relieved Interfaith Center for Spiritual Growth, located several hours drive away in Ann Arbor, had spoken of wanting one and would be glad to have it!

“Let’s be open to an easy way of getting it safely to you,” she said to the director of the center.

The following week a friend from Florida was visiting. Chatting about his schedule, he said he would be going to Ann Arbor.

“I have an interfaith menorah I need to get to Ann Arbor.” He was willing to take it so they began exploring what made sense about him dropping it off or having someone pick it up she asked him the address where he would be staying.

“My cousin lives on Pauline Court,” he said.

She made a call to the director of the center and was told a member of the interfaith group lived on Pauline Court and could easily pick the menorah up.

Her friend was very amazed at the ease of delivery and he mused, “What are the odds? Pauline Court is just a short little street….”

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