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Music to Tiny Ears

Debra’s Wellness Tips

You have likely previously heard about the amazing benefit of music with those with Alzheimer’s, persons nearing death, and individuals with PTSD, but now we are also seeing the way newborn babies are responding to music.

“His oxygen saturation rate would fall at times, and the music therapy would get him to breathe at a more regular rate and normalize the oxygenation,” she said, adding that the low tones, wave sounds and music also helped calm the parents.

At Mt. Sinai West, music therapists have doctorates or Master’s degrees in their field and go through an extensive internship training in hospitals. They come in with guitars and instrument designed specifically for music to tiny ears, and they have learned their art at the Louis Armstrong Center for Music and Medicine. (See Music Therapy Helped Premature Baby)

While most of us still think of ourselves more as matter than frequency, we have mounting evidence that music matters.

This week, find ways to take advantage of the benefits of music. Breathing at a more regular rate and normalizing our oxygenation is good for humans at any age.

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