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Is Microwaving Food Unhealthy?

Debra’s Wellness Tips

Goodness knows, we have enough things to worry about without looking for problems where there are none. Now, I am a raw enthusiast. And I know people who have absolutely healed their bodies of diseases such as diabetes or cancer by eating raw. That said, it may be time to think again about whether microwaving food is unhealthy.

From a US News article, “Microwaves and the radiation from microwave ovens, however, are non-ionizing radiation. This type of radiation can move things around in a cell – hence the heating of food – but cannot chemically change cells or DNA in the food you eat.” (See US News)

Actually, do you know you can tell if something is good for you by observing the energy? Something that is good for you right now will increase your energy. You can do muscle testing on yourself to know beforehand what is best for you. I prefer the finger over finger or the O-finger techniques, but you may like other methods. Check on the internet or visit Learning Self Muscle Testing.

This week, learn something that is beneficial. Be easy about all of this. We may discover that we can be healthier than we dreamed possible at microwave speeds….

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