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Men’s Mission

Sacred Stories

He had only been out of prison 32 days. A family member was driving him to a Men’s Mission in another county. Not knowing if the Mission would accept him because he had no proof he had been in that county for 30 days, emotions on the drive were tense. He had not yet eaten today, and it was now almost 5 pm.

Google Maps first delivered them to the women’s shelter. Someone there gave him the address for the Men’s Mission.

Then Google Maps took them right past the Men’s Mission and on to a senior facility. Explaining that he was trying to find the Men’s Mission, a woman with kind eyes and a soft voice said, “I don’t know how the GPS got you here, we are not even on that street, we are on a different street.”

Another woman—a colleague of some sort—stopped and got a map for him and gave him directions to the Mission. Then the two of them brainstormed other possible resources, the one woman taking time by providing addresses and phone numbers.

He dialed the number. The person who answered the phone made a call and got him into the Mission for the night!

Arriving there, he was greeted kindly, with these very welcome words: “You are just in time for dinner.”

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