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May 20

Sacred Stories

It was not the one they thought they wanted, but she called the number on the “For Sale” sign in the front window as her husband walked around the outside of the manufactured home. The man who answered the phone said he could be there in about ten minutes.

“This was my mom’s home. She passed and I am here from California needing to sell it,” he told them.

“My mother-in-law passed a year and a half ago, so we understand how hard that is. When did your mom pass?” she asked him.

“My mom passed on May 20th,” he answered.

“My mom passed on May 20th, 2003,” she shared.

“My mom’s funeral was on May 23rd,” he continued.

“My mom’s funeral was on May 23rd!” she blurted out.

Walking in the front door, they loved the home immediately. Giving him verbal agreement to purchase the home she left with a copy of the paperwork detailing the original purchase of the home. Looking it over later that evening she noticed the purchase date: May 20!

You can imagine these two mothers were working in spirit to bring things together around this home for their children.

These are sacred stories. Pay attention to happenings in your life. Do you have a story to share? Send email to

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