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Infused Water

Debra’s Wellness Tips

Rather than repeat all the benefits of staying hydrated that we know (like fewer headaches, better skin, easier weight control, more restful sleep, etc.), I want to share some delicious ways to infuse water so you are thrilled to drink enough every day. These come from 10 Infused Water Recipes Keep You Hydrated All Summer Long, and they are as beautiful as they are delicious.

● Watermelon Basil
● Coconut Kiwi Mint
● Blackberry Sage
● Rosemary Citrus

Think ahead and make ice cubes with fruit and herbs. As the ice cubes melt in your glass imagine your stress melting away with every swallow.

This week, make the move from have to to get to. Whatever you are doing, find ways to infuse your life with more flavor and more zest. Send me some of your favorite recipes!

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