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Imagine Healing Intro

This audio file by Debra provides a brief introduction to the Imagine Healing Process.

Helping People Heal: Introduction to Imagine Healing

Research about emotions, beliefs, attitudes—about brain function—and immune response is proving to us that, in fact, being able to imagine healing is the solution.

Because humans process their subjective experience, in part, as pictures, when one says, “I just cannot see how I will get through all of this,” according to Dr. Emmett E. Miller, author of Deep Healing: The Essence of Mind/Body Medicine, we are not just hearing words, we may well be witnessing destiny. Miller’s work shows clearly how beliefs and images become actual events in the body.

25-30 million Americans will undergo surgery with anesthesia each year.

Bodies know how to heal. Healing is the most natural processes in the world. If the patient enjoys a calm and positive mental state, natural recovery might take place more quickly. However, in “Relaxation REVOLUTION” Herbert Benson and William Proctor report current research that suggests if the patient is under emotional stress, believes that recovery is unlikely, or is otherwise in the grip of negative emotions, healing can be delayed or blocked.

In any crisis, because the outcome is not yet certain, emotional stress is inherent. The part of the brain that scans for danger begins to kick into high gear, thinking that is the way to make us safe. What is needed is not stress, but relaxation, but the physiology itself is working against that.

Building on ancient wisdom and contemporary research, you are able to guide the conscious mind to a sense of peace that allows access to the information that is needed. Five simple steps can make all the difference when someone is anticipating surgery, going through medical treatment, or experiencing the need for healing in any area of life. Do not be confused by the simplicity of the steps: Imagine Healing produces profound results.

Go to and view the short video interview with Jane Foster. In 1999 Jane had 22 tumors on her liver when her surgeon closed her up and said he could not keep cutting on her. This interview was done in 2012! Let Jane Foster tell you about Imagine Healing. While you are at the website, you can read some of the other stories of healing.

With these powerful, yet simple steps, people imagine healing in not just the short term, but also the long term. The healing that occurs often goes beyond physical—healing mental scars and emotional wounds as well. Tucked within every crisis is the hidden potential for a sacred transformation. Like a light in the darkness, these are welcome skills for eliciting the precise resources that help people help themselves heal by remembering and activating these innate healing processes.

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