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Healing with Language

This audio file by Debra provides a brief introduction to Healing with Language.

Helping People Heal: Introduction to Healing with Language

Much of what happens in the communication process remains below the level of conscious awareness. The words people choose convey much more than the surface meaning. Even what is not being said is very telling. When you know what to look, feel, and listen for, you will be in a much better position to help people heal.

All language is essentially metaphorical. The meaning is created within the individual based on former experience, cultural training, and beliefs and values. Each word activates pictures, sounds, sensations, and emotions in a deeply personal way.

Think about the enormous difference between saying, “We will go on vacation if you get well,” and “We will go on vacation when you get well.” The change of just one little word makes a world of difference.

Abracadabra is an Aramaic phrase (abraq ad habra) that means “I will create as I speak.” In other words, words matter: language matters, energy matters, metaphor matters, awareness matters. It all matters! Reactivating the innate healing power within begins with our understanding and skillful use of other-than-conscious processing.

Although other-than-conscious processing is by far the most significant part of communication—at times the most critical component in healing—most training has not included it at all. In Your Body Is Your Subconscious Mind, Dr. Candace Pert said your brain is not in charge. She calls this other-than-conscious processing the grail of the body’s inborn intelligence.

Being skillful with language usage will not only change your work with clients and patients, it will change YOU. As you observe the other-than-conscious communication process, you will be understanding and influencing yourself and others.

Beliefs, attitudes, memories, behaviors—every facet of life is controlled by these other-than-conscious dynamics called subjective experience. Awareness provides freedom and creative choice. While you will not unhappen history, you will discover why we say it is never too late to have a happy childhood, and there is always time to live happily ever after.

Even those previously trained in hypnosis or Neurolinguistic Programming will appreciate expanded applications for helping people heal.

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