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Healing with Energy

This audio file by Debra provides a brief introduction to Healing with Energy.


Helping People Heal: Introduction to Healing with Energy

“For the longest time I’d gotten by without even realizing that I had chakras, and now I have to maintain them? Heck, I’m still trying to master flossing.”

Putting Chakras in Their Place:

An Anatomist Studies the Maps of Our Human Energy System

by Gil Hedley

(Spirituality & Health September/October 2009)

The word “chakra” is Sanscrit in origin, and means simply wheel. The “ch” is pronounced like it is in the name Charlie.

MRI, EMG, EEG, and EKG….All of these image or chart the invisible magnetic and electrical emanations and conductivity of the human form.

Every known culture has developed forms of energy medicine, and while the metaphors and techniques understandably differ from culture to culture, many of the metaphors and techniques are remarkably similar. All systems recognize a human energy field that interpenetrates the physical body. What Hippocrates called the biofield is now commonly referred to as the aura. In addition to the chakras—major nerve plexuses associated with the organs and systems of the physical body, most forms of energy medicine (both ancient and contemporary) also recognize a system for distributing energy throughout the body, which are commonly called meridians.

One of the oldest forms of energy healing is known as the “laying on of hands.” Common themes of energy healing include some form of opening; assessing; holding on or near an area (often called modulating or directing); noting any observable changes, and closing. Variations of the “opening” can look very different but perform the same function, such as grounding and centering; praying to a deity, calling on guides (Reiki or native), invoking angels or masters.

It is appropriate to learn the techniques as others have used them, but, at the same time, develop your sensitivity to the feedback you receive from the energy itself. There are only two times you would do a technique from start to finish the way you learned it—if it was not working—when you are learning it, and when you are teaching it.

Healing with Energy develops your higher sense perception: not everyone perceives the energy in the same way. Become aware of the information you receive through your inner senses—what you see, hear, and feel. Learn quickly to let the energy become your principle teacher.

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