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Healing with Energy and Language

This audio file by Debra provides a brief introduction to Healing with Energy and Language.

Helping People Heal: Introduction to Healing with Energy and Language

Every therapeutic session begins with what is usually called a presenting problem. In most cases, the real nature of the problem is below the client’s level of conscious awareness, and the presenting problem is actually a symptom, a way the unconscious is attempting to communicate with the individual’s conscious mind. If the problem were actually in the client’s consciousness, he or she would have been able to solve it.

Because the presenting problem is usually not the problem, listen for the messages from the client’s unconscious mind that reveal the real nature of the problem. Repetitions, especially when they occur in response to seemingly unrelated questions, are worth noting.

Communication is redundant, so themes will always present themselves both in the energy field and in the language. Recognizing language as metaphorical will allow you to be able to identify and work with themes that are outside of your personal beliefs.

A couple from India came to see me because they believed a curse had been placed on him. He was supposed to marry another woman (an arranged marriage), but they met here in America. Soon after this couple were married, his behavior became violent. She had to call the police and have him arrested. The couple was told the mother of the other woman had hired a very powerful practitioner of black magic to work the curse on him. Without having a belief in these indigenous practices, I was able to help them remove the curse.

Repetitions can point to well-recognized themes such as abuse or unresolved loss, but sometimes themes either the client or the energy medicine therapist (or both) might not believe in reveal themselves: fear of being alive or “in body”; unconscious death wish (a belief that the way to be with a loved one who has passed is to die); past lives; energetic attachments. Although modern psychology does not put much stock in spirit possession, clients may well use language that suggests that someone or something else is influencing their behavior.

  • Part of me just can’t resist gambling.
  • Something came over me….
  • I have not been myself since________(the surgery; the accident; the death).
  • Even though he is dead, my father still controls me.

You may receive information that seems literal, or you may be given a symbolic representation. A good practice is to receive any message given as for you first. In general, state what you are aware of, and give the client an opportunity to comment. Knowing your own bias is vital so you can set that aside. Seeing all healing as essentially self-healing, the information that comes from the client’s energy and language is used to facilitate his or her conscious awareness. You do not know what is best for the client, but you are helping people heal by finding the resources they need to help themselves.

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