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Electric Heater

Sacred Stories

A woman and her husband and 1 year-old daughter were refugees. They had escaped Communist Poland and had made it to Germany but were living in one classroom in a condemned school. There was electricity but no running water or toilet or heat. They had only a thin mattress pad on the floor.

One night the frost was two inches thick on the inside of the window from their breath. The woman was too cold to sleep and told her husband better they go back to Poland where they may or may not be killed than to die living like that.

He put on his coat and left the room. She assumed he had left to get away from her nagging when he was also feeling so helpless.

Moments later, he returned with an electric space heater. He told her he had left because he had received a message to go out and look in the trash on the curb. That is where he had found the heater.

They plugged the heater in and worked. They had heat the rest of the winter!

Today they are very successful living in the U.S. in a 3,500 square foot home but they remember this evidence that our needs can be met in extraordinary ways.

These are sacred stories. Pay attention to happenings in your life. Do you have a story to share? Send email to

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