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Dr. Flamm

Sacred Stories

He had finally been able to see a doctor and he now had a diagnosis and a prescription, but he was incarcerated and denied pain medication. He knew people in prison often faked pain to get drugs, but he knew this pain was real.

He continued to report severe discomfort. He finally saw a neurosurgeon who concurred with the original diagnosis but clarified that his was a nerve sheath tumor. Surgery was too risky for this doctor to consider but he made a referral to another neurosurgeon who had experience with this procedure.

He felt such relief just being seen by someone who validated the pain he had been experiencing for so long. This surgeon had been trained by the man who developed the procedure that could help.

Desiring to learn more about the procedure, he asked for the name of the doctor this surgeon had trained under.

“Eugene S. Flamm, M.D.”

He instantly recognized the gift in all of the unfolding over the past year, everything having led to this connection. His last name is also Flamm!

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