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Debra’s Wellness Tips

According to Gallup polls, July is by far the most popular month for summer vacations, with 51% of Americans saying they will vacation then. August comes in second, followed by June and September.

Vacation often means time spent in close quarters with extended family and/or friends. Not everyone experiences bliss in cohabitating.

Keeping the energy clear requires the effort of communication, the awareness of another’s feelings, and courtesy toward the space you share. While that sometimes requires changing your schedule or habits, there are many times when having a caring someone nearby is worth all the effort. (See Daily Om)

The awareness of how our actions affects others exists in our workplace as well. Recently, I stopped by to drop something off at our office space that is shared by several colleagues. The “Session in Progress” sign was hanging in the slot, the door was locked, the blinds were drawn. I assumed someone was using the space. I discovered later, however, the room had been unoccupied at that time but the last person to use the room had not taken the steps to insure that was obvious.

This week, whether at work at home or on vacation, with family or friends or colleagues, be respectful, resourceful, and have genuine regards for others. Taking into account another’s feelings is a vital part of healthy cohabitating.

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“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” 
~ Mother Teresa

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