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Chewing Gum

Debra’s Wellness Tips

If you want to put a little kick in your walking speed, you may just want to add chewing gum to your workout.

Roughly, you chew about 75 times per minute, but walk only 60 steps per minute, says Steve Morrison, the director of research at the school of physical therapy and athletic training at Norfolk, Virginia-based Old Dominion University, and author on the study.

“If you chew it and you try to walk at any other speed than what you’re chewing at, you can do it but it’s very difficult. You have to think about how to change that,” says co-author Brittany Samulski, a physical therapist, also of Old Dominion University.

Health Buzz: Chewing Gum Increases Your Walking Speed, Study Says

This week, see how many little things you can do to improve your life. If something like chewing gum when you walk can make a difference, think about how many other things can be improved easily, too…

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