Posted January 6, 2018 in Sacred Stories

Chaplain Saved!

Sacred Stories

He was serving in Vietnam as a Chaplain. Each week he would travel from the base to villages where they had men serving. He would do a service and offer sacraments.

On a Monday morning as he was walking out of his hooch he heard a voice say, “Go today instead of tomorrow,” referring to his traveling to one of the outlying areas that he normally traveled to on Tuesday. At first he thought someone was fooling with him and then he heard the voice again, coming inside his head, “Go today, don’t go tomorrow.”

Reporting a few minutes later he was told that a group was going to that village today if he wanted to go.

He responded, “Yes!”

The following day the tank that he would have been in going to the village hit a plastic explosive. He likely would have died when a large shrapnel went right up through the seat of the tank he would have been occupying…

These are sacred stories. Pay attention to happenings in your life. Do you have a story to share? Send email to

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