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Changing Feet

Debra’s Wellness Tips

As our bodies shrink with age, our feet often seem to get bigger. Our feet are not actually growing but changes in the ligaments can cause our feet to get wider and longer.

Some good advice for foot care regardless of our age includes buying shoes that fit well and feel comfortable when you try them on. Don’t insist on buying the same size because sizes can vary from style to style and from one manufacturer to another. Avoid the temptation to think the shoe will become more comfortable if you break it in. Shop for shoes near the end of the day when your feet are slightly swollen because slightly loose is better than slightly tight.

Burning or pain means you need to get that checked out. Some say foot pain is never normal. If you have pain, get it looked at right away.

Previous tips have focused on foot massage, reflexology, and scrubs. Our feet work very hard for us all of our lives.

This week, use your head when it comes to your feet.

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