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Reiki Class

Sacred Stories

She was at the local credit union when the customer service agent mentioned to her that his girlfriend was taking a Reiki class at a local yoga studio the coming weekend.

Opening Facebook when she arrived home the following message was on her feed:

Hi, St. Joe, Mi friends! I’m coming to […]

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Tickets for “Wrong” Date

Sacred Stories

When their tickets for the upcoming cruise arrived, the tickets were dated two weeks earlier than arranged. She was about to phone the company to have them changed when her husband calmly said, “Leave them. Perhaps there is a reason this is a better date.”

The Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia capsized and […]

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Chaplain Saved!

Sacred Stories

He was serving in Vietnam as a Chaplain. Each week he would travel from the base to villages where they had men serving. He would do a service and offer sacraments.

On a Monday morning as he was walking out of his hooch he heard a voice say, “Go today instead of tomorrow,” […]

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Things Will Get Better

Sacred Stories

These were very dark times as she was recovering from alcoholism. It was not that she wanted to drink—but neither did she want to live.

She had rolled up towels to put around the doors and windows and intended to turn on the gas and end her pain.

She heard a […]

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Husband’s Clothes

Sacred Stories

As she stood in line at the grocery store the man in front of her looked so much like her late husband it almost took her breath away. The same height, the same built, even a similar style of movement.

Without thinking she spoke, “My husband passed recently and you are of […]

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Honesty is the Best Policy

Sacred Stories

“You will want to know that I am out on parole. I got into trouble with drugs and have a felony,” he laid it out there.

“My son is in prison right now related to drugs, and my daughter is addicted to opioids. I will do everything I can to go to […]

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I Lived in This House

Sacred Stories

A young man was out in the yard when an elder German man stopped. “I used to live in this house,” the old man said, before going on to add when he had lived in the house it was on another lot—over by the church.

He would love to see inside.

The old […]

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Golfing with Papa

Sacred Stories

She was golfing with her grandson about 9 months after her husband transitioned. His papa had taught him to golf, starting around the age of 10. He loved it, both the game and spending time with Papa.

She was sitting in the cart watching her grandson tee off and imploring her husband […]

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No Flood!

Sacred Stories

They were very anxious. The water bill for their winter home in Florida was about $500.

He must have forgotten to turn the water off.

A neighbor was going to check. They worried what damage might have been done to their home knowing all of that water had to go somewhere. […]

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Heaven is Beautiful

Sacred Stories

Although they had both read Peter Baldwin Panagore’s Heaven is Beautiful: How Dying Taught Me That Death Is Just the Beginning her mom passed without determining a vehicle for after-life communication. Her mom’s body had just been removed from the house. A bit numb, family members were all sitting in the living when […]