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Pauline Court

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She had kept the interfaith menorah with the tall glass oil lamps in her basement for 12 years. Made especially for them by a Carmelite nun, it was a very powerful presence for their interfaith fellowship but the center where their group met had closed in 2005. Downsizing her home now there was […]

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Taking the mail out of the box, her eyes landed on the name and number of her friend on the back of the newsletter. Her friend’s husband was quite ill. She picked up the phone and made a call.

“What led you to call today?” her friend’s voice was quivering.

“I […]

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The Shack

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The end of the movie really didn’t make sense to her, so when she took a friend who was having some very hurtful family dynamics to see it (thinking it would be healing for her) she was also looking forward to having an opportunity to maybe understand that last scene.

When she […]

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Dr. Flamm

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He had finally been able to see a doctor and he now had a diagnosis and a prescription, but he was incarcerated and denied pain medication. He knew people in prison often faked pain to get drugs, but he knew this pain was real.

He continued to report severe discomfort. He finally […]

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Stanley Steemer

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The carpet cleaning company her husband had called days ago had still not returned his call. They needed to get the carpet in the house they just purchased before moving stuff in from their current home to get it staged. Expressing her angst, the man they purchased the new home from told her […]

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Dental Floss

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Sunday was the first night she spent in her new home. Awake Monday at 3:30 am her mind went to all the unpacking still needing to be done. She got up and quietly worked in the master bathroom as her husband slept in the adjacent bedroom. Sorting the significant assortment of sample-sized dental […]

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She took some time to clean out the inbox filled with hundreds of email messages. As she emptied the inbox into the trash she remembered a message she had seen about how the view of ourselves at age 16 can carry into adulthood. She had not taken time to read it, but was […]

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Yoga Space

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Looking through some journal entries from a few years ago, she came across this one:

I want to create a space for yoga. It has good light and good energy.

She had given conscious thought to that entry since she wrote those words toward the end of 2013 or early in […]

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He was driving down the interstate when he saw a tornado approaching. He pulled under an overpass, jumped out of his vehicle, and scrambled up under the overpass.

A man was there, seated on a blanket.

As debris began to swirl, and the roar became deafening, the man sat calmly.


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Dune Buggy

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She had given her teenage daughter permission to go with friends to the beach for dune buggy rides but woke up with a knowing she should not allow her to go. Her daughter was upset.

Later that day they both understood.

The friend her daughter was to have been riding with […]