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Beat the Blues

Debra’s Wellness Tips

Body, mind, emotions…. these are not just linked, they are hard wired.

A 2002 study looked at the overall sugar consumption per person in six nations – Canada, France, Germany, South Korea, New Zealand and the U.S. – and directly linked sugar consumption to higher rates of major depression.

A study of 3,456 middle-aged adults found that those who ate a diet consisting of a lot of processed foods had a 58 percent increased risk for depression, while those who ate more whole foods had a 26 percent reduced risk for depression.

Britain’s Brain Bio Centre is as plain as can be on this matter. “There is a direct link between mood and blood sugar balance,” it writes. “Poor blood sugar balance is often the single-biggest factor in mood disorders amongst the people that seek our advice.”

(See What is the Link Between Sugar and Depression)

This week, be aware of the whole of you. Beat the blues by going easy on the beets (sugar).

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~ Mother Teresa

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