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Debra’s Wellness Tips

Many of us are painfully aware of the downside of technology such as auto-correct failures using voice-to-text. A client wrote asking about an appointment time for the following day. The response was, “No idiot. Can next week work?” It was supposed to say, “No, I don’t. Can next week work?”

Whole websites are dedicated to the sometimes hilarious and occasionally mortifying results. But virtual personal assistants that can follow commands are no laughing matter. In fact, Alexa sits in a room and listens to your requests and can be a life saver.

Alexa is quite easy for inexperienced users because it is completely verbal without the need for pressing buttons. Virtual personal assistants offer a simple new way to make voice calls, or for users with Amazon’s Echo Show device, video calls as well.

If you live alone or have older family or friends, consider the novel ways of providing ongoing support.

“Alexa, call my daughter and let her know I am fine but I am sleeping in today and will not be at breakfast.” ZZZZZ

This week, make a decision to be open to new things. Get curious. Let the upside of technology bring blessings into your life.

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~ Mother Teresa

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