Posted April 30, 2017 in Monthly News

Cognitive Dissonance in Relationships

A long time ago (1957), a social psychologist named […]

Posted August 31, 2016 in Monthly News


The song central to Debra’s post this month, “Show Me the Way,” by Dennis DeYoung and Styx, illustrates humanity’s desire for meaning. As is usually the case for the Beyond Mastery Newsletter, Debra wrote her article first, so that I could write something that would fit the theme she selected. When I read her article, […]

Posted March 8, 2015 in Monthly News

Communication Preferences

Although we rarely stop to think about the process of communication, it may be the single most important influencer of behavior. Humans aren’t the only species that communicates of course, nor are we the only species that uses language. For most of human history, we have assumed that we are the only ones who have […]