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Understanding Mohini

If you’re depressed, you’re living in the past. If you’re anxious, you’re living in the future. If you’re at peace, you’re living in the present.

Lao Tzu (Laozi), ancient Chinese philosopher and writer

We have been teaching this concept in SCS (energy medicine and linguistics) for decades, but I did not know the awareness of […]

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I recently had an amazing consultation with some experts who did a free 30 minute analysis of our home page. Although—as Quin McGlaughlin phrased it—the feedback was “brutally honest”, overwhelming, a lot to take in, it was a spiritual experience for me. I appreciated the way Quin stayed present with me while delivering difficult-to-hear information. […]

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My Favorite NLP Technique

Richard Bandler described what has become known as “The Fast Phobia Cure” in his 1985 book, Using Your Brain for a Change. It is my favorite NLP technique because it is quick, easy for both practitioner and client, and effective. If that were the only technique you knew, you could help all your friends and […]

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Joel: July 2014

Adventures in Learning

I have always been interested in learning new things. As I reflect on my life, the desire for knowing more has been a constant theme. When I was young, I used a flashlight to read books under the covers. I was one of those kids who would take things apart to see […]