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The Truth About Healing

“However much concerned I was at the problem of misery in the world, I never let myself get lost in broodings over it. I always held firmly to the thought that each one of us can do a little to bring some portion of it to an end.” ~ Dr. Albert Schweitzer (quotation published by […]

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My Favorite NLP Technique

Richard Bandler described what has become known as “The Fast Phobia Cure” in his 1985 book, Using Your Brain for a Change. It is my favorite NLP technique because it is quick, easy for both practitioner and client, and effective. If that were the only technique you knew, you could help all your friends and […]

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Recently I read an amazing story about a woman who wanted to visit a site considered sacred to her spiritual path before she died. She was being shown a book of photographs taken by a professional photographer. He told her he had been to the exact place she was speaking of, and had a photo […]

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Debra: July 2014

Understanding Curing and Healing

I once heard Dr. Bernie Siegel tell an auditorium filled with people not to do a single thing just because it might help him or her live. He told us that death is 100% certain. While those were shocking statements, it is a fact that, in spite of all the advances […]