Evolution of Alternative Medicine

Whether you are a staunch believer that the best of medicine is the rest of medicine added to drugs and surgery, or if you are just putting a toe into myriad options for better well-being, take time to read this L-O-N-G article about The Evolution of Alternative Medicine.

Feel Good Story

Once in a while, you should just take a few minutes to pay attention to all of the feel good news that is happening in the world. Here is a great story about a young woman who develops a phone app to feed almost 600,000 homeless people.

Sacred Stories

If you were God and wanted to communicate with human beings without using a human voice, how would you do it?

You’d perform little miracles, wouldn’t you? You’d create little miracles, little coincidences, that cause people to say “What are the odds of this ever happening?”

Written by SQuire Rushnell, published in When God Winks and quoted in The Lotus and the Lily, by Janet Connor (page 57).

Please enjoy all of these Sacred Stories. As poet, Mary Oliver writes, “You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.”

Young Buck

Her husband’s unofficial nickname was “Young Buck.” Before his children were fully grown, he died.

Several years after his father’s death, their then young-adult son came home with an unusual t-shirt he had bought. It was a white collared shirt with a young buck partially hidden behind the pocket. She was sure it was her husband speaking to their son, even though he did not recognize the connection consciously.

young buck

Over a decade had passed, the night she wrote in her journal how she was missing him and how his spirit was not coming to her the way it had before. The following day, she spontaneously wore the young buck t-shirt to work.

As she was driving home that evening, right in the middle of a residential area on a busy road, standing by the guard rail looking right at her, was a young buck still wearing his velvety antlers!

As she looked in the rear view mirror to see the young buck cross safely to the other side, she said a prayer of gratitude because she knew she had just been visited by her husband!

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