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This website is dedicated to the exploration of Subtle Communication Systems, especially as they apply to health, Energy Medicine, and spirituality.

Sacred Stories

If you were God and wanted to communicate with human beings without using a human voice, how would you do it?

You’d perform little miracles, wouldn’t you? You’d create little miracles, little coincidences, that cause people to say “What are the odds of this ever happening?”

Written by SQuire Rushnell, published in When God Winks and quoted in The Lotus and the Lily, by Janet Connor (page 57).

Please enjoy all of these Sacred Stories. As poet, Mary Oliver writes, “You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.”

Salmon Patties

It was their common concern about the mother they had shared for over fifty years that brought them together for salmon patties late that Saturday evening in October.

“What are you doing?” he asked when his sister-in-law answered his mom’s phone.

“Just starting some dinner. What about you?” she asked.

“Same here. What are you making?” They continued the small talk, avoiding more serious matters. Their mom had been at home with hospice care for almost six months now, and had been experiencing worsening symptoms for the past day or so.

“Salmon patties,” she said.

“You are kidding? That is what we are making, too! Why don’t we come down and we can have dinner together.”

So they sat around the family table in that tiny kitchen. They laughed a lot, as they ate salmon patties.

salmon patties

Neither of them knew at the time that would be the last meal their mom would partake of before transitioning from her physical body.

“Coincidences mean you’re on the right path.” ~ Simon Van Booy

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