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Changing Beliefs

This PowerPoint presentation on changing beliefs was shared at the International College of Integrative Medicine Conference in Lexington, Kentucky, in March of 2012. It offers great tips and vital information. Beliefs-ICIM

Feel Good Story

This week’s feel good story is about the meaning in life that is discovered when a wounded warrior teaches yoga!
wounded warrior teaches yoga

Sacred Stories

If you were God and wanted to communicate with human beings without using a human voice, how would you do it?

You’d perform little miracles, wouldn’t you? You’d create little miracles, little coincidences, that cause people to say “What are the odds of this ever happening?”

Written by SQuire Rushnell, published in When God Winks and quoted in The Lotus and the Lily, by Janet Connor (page 57).

Please enjoy all of these Sacred Stories. As poet, Mary Oliver writes, “You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.”

You’re Taking My Place

His golf game had been so off, he gave up his place on the league that night, paying to have a sub golf for him rather than be frustrated by his game.


Sitting at the counter of a neighborhood bar, having a beer and burger with his brother who was visiting from out-of-state, they struck up a conversation about golf with the guy next to them.

“I’m golfing later this afternoon. I am playing with Steve W.,” their new friend said.

He shook their new friend’s hand. “You must be David A. Steve is my golf partner. You’re taking my place!”

What a small world, filled with meaningful synchronicities….

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