Wholesome Thoughts


Sacred Stories is your invitation to again be enchanted by stories. Every story told here is true, although some may seem almost unbelievable.

~Angeles Arrien, cross-cultural anthropologist

“Often when you would go to a shaman or a holy person or a medicine person in traditional people’s, they’ll ask you, and you say that you’re disheartened or dispirited or depressed, they’ll say, ‘When did you stop singing? When did you stop dancing? Or moving in your body? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? And particularly by your own life story? And when did you stop being comforted by the sweet territory of silence?’ “

The idea of this page grew out of a workshop with Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook as she kept saying to a group of individuals loosely called healers: “You need to find a way to write these stories.” But these stories happen in relationships governed by laws that protect privacy of patients or clients. It became obvious we could create a large bulletin board upon which to write, thus protecting persons’ identity while telling what needs to be told.

You may email debra@scs-matters.com to submit your sacred stories for consideration. As we honor our experiences—especially those that do not fit neatly into our logical structure of thinking—you let the soft animal of your body relax into a larger meaning of life.


We need to have a sense of humor as we discover the amazing ways intuition, guidance, and insight (probably these are all names for the same energy of intelligence and wisdom) work. You can see that very clearly in this sacred story:

As I was drifting off to sleep one night, the name “Archimedes” popped into my head. I heard it so distinctly, I actually sat up and said the word right out loud. My husband, commented that someone more talented than I must have ducked for the message to come to me because I am horrible at math and science.

The following day, I was on break chatting with a coworker who was dusting the desks. As we were talking he picked up one of the computer consoles. Lo and behold, underneath it was a small tag—similar to a Christmas gift tag. Written on the tag, in lovely cursive: the name “Archimedes” and nothing more.


My coworker seemed to take it as a sign that I was a “witch.” Hope not! Albeit one of my great, great grands from a long way back—Patience Disbrow—was tried as a witch and found guilty. She was pardoned by the Connecticut governor. Hence, I am alive to tell the tale!

And so are my children and grandchildren. But cross me and I will put a spell on you! LOL!