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Phobia Quiz

What Do You Know about Getting Over a Phobia?

If you already know a lot about fear, you’ll find the following True/False quiz enlightening. If you don’t yet know, some of the questions and answers might surprise you. The questions are on the first page, and the answers are on the second page.

Phobia Quiz

Sacred Stories

The most recent addition to the SCS website, Sacred Stories, is your invitation to again be enchanted by stories. As we honor our experiences—especially those that do not fit neatly into our logical structure of thinking—you let the soft animal of your body relax into a larger meaning of life.

Beautiful Bloom

January 31, 2015, her sweet mother was moved to hospice care.

February 7, 2015, her sweet mother moved from this world to the next.

Her mother’s death took place while she and her husband were out of town on a trip he had received through work.

February 8, 2015, returning home from the trip, she found this beautiful bloom on a cactus she had moved into the house for the winter.

aunt mary bloom

She recognized instantly this message from her mother as this cactus had never before bloomed in the house!

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